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E-NET is a free program written by Steve Borgatti for analyzing ego-network data (as opposed to "full-network" or "socio-centric" data). The program accepts data pertaining to the egos (e.g., age, sex) and to the alters (both relations between ego and alter and attributes of alter). In addition, it accepts ties among the alters.

The program calculates a number of indices in service of examining the composition of the ego network (e.g. how many alters are women), the heterogeneity of the ego network (e.g., how diverse is each person's network), homophily (tendency of egos to seek out similar alters), and structural hole measures. All numerical analyses are automatically performed on all egos.

The program also has visualization capabilities and the ability to create crosstabs of ego variables against alter variables.  A key feature of the program is its powerful filtering capabilities allowing you to select which egos, which alters and which relations should be active in any given analysis.

The program is currently in the beta stage of development, so it is still pretty rough.

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