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Ordering Information


Placing Orders


Orders may be placed online via our secure server by clicking the purchase button:


We use Amazon Payments to process all of our orders. This means that if you already have an Amazon account, you will not need to enter credit card information.

You may also place orders by mail, telephone, fax, or e-mail. Here is our contact info:

Analytic Technologies
P.O. Box 910359
Lexington, KY 40513-9998


Tel:  +1 859 881 9906

Fax: +1 859 881 9906


Price List


Price List Type of Customer
Full-time Student Faculty Corporate
UCINET 6 for Windows Single-user license $40 $150 $250
10-user site license Not Available $474.34 $790.57
25-user site license Not Available $750.00 $1250.00
100-user site license Not Available $1500.00 $2500.00



  • The software is the same for all categories of customers -- only the price changes.

  • The price differences are intended to help those with less money. The student rate is ONLY for fulltime students who live on a tight budget and who are NOT getting reimbursement from some other source (school, grant, etc.). NOTE: In situations where (a) universities purchase software for students or (b) students will be reimbursed, the full faculty/academic price of $150 will be charged.
  • UCINET 6 for Windows includes online help for each procedure and a User's Guide in MS-Word format.
  • Site licenses are available for professional and corporate customers. The minimum number of users is 10. To calculate the price, multiply the unit price of a faculty or corporate license ($150 or $250, respectively, for UCINET) by the square root of the number of users. For example, a University site license for 25 users for UCINET 6 for Windows is $150*sqrt(25) = $750. If you're ordering a site license via the web form, just leave quantity blank and describe what you want in the "Special Instructions" section.

Shipping, Handling, and Tax

You will be asked whether you prefer a CD or to download only. We suggest the "download only" option - it's the same software either way; the User's Guide is electronic only in both cases (no printed copy); you will receive the software much more quickly; and you save both the handling and shipping charges, of course. If you choose the CD option, we will mail via the US Postal Service (Priority Mail within the US--nominally 2-3 days transit time--and airmail outside the US), unless you request an alternative. We use Fedex as our courier service.

The shipping and handling charge is $50. Alternative shipping will be quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Customers are responsible for paying a "use" tax except in Kentucky, where sales tax will be added.


Except for university purchase orders (available in the US only), all orders must be pre-paid via check, wire transfer, or credit card. We can provide pro-forma invoices to help your payment processing.

  • Wire Transfers:  There is a fee of $25 for all wire transfers. Therefore you must transfer $25 more than the cost of the software.
  • Checks: Checks must be made out to Analytic Technologies in US dollars and drawn on a US bank.
  • Credit Cards: We accept the following credit cards: VISA/BarclayCard, MASTERCARD/EuroCard, or American Express. You will be asked for the main card number, the anti-fraud/security/bank code (a 3- or 4-digit number on the BACK of the card in the signature box), and the month/year of expiration.


Students MUST provide university and department affiliation in order to receive student pricing, regardless of where the order is to be shipped. Similarly, faculty MUST provide university and department affiliation in order to receive academic pricing, regardless of where the order is to be shipped.

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