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Full Courses Short Workshops


Full Credit Courses

Instructor Location Description Url
Borgatti University of Essex, Social Science Summer School program Methods and concepts of social network analysis
Borgatti Boston College
Dept. of Organization Studies
Theory and Method of social network research, with emphasis on organizational context
Borgatti Boston College
Dept of Org Studies
MB814 Special Topics in Org Beh: Social Networks
McFarland Stanford, Dept. of Education
Marsden Harvard, Dept. of Sociology
White UC-Irvine Networks & Complexity
Moody Ohio State, Dept. of Sociology
Whitt University of Louisville, Dept. of Sociology


Short Workshops

Instructor Location/Time Description Url
Athanassiou, Borgatti, Brass, Krackhardt Academy of Management Conference / August 1-day pre-conference workshop on social networks in organizational context <none>
Wasserman ICPSR-Michigan / Summer 2-week workshop <none>


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